Help for healing and regaining overall health

In-House Counseling is part of an integrated health care team where a therapist/counselor joins with you and your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

As part of good healthcare, we help you to reclaim a satisfying life. Through looking at habits, lifestyle, and emotions, we can help you create a plan to put you on a new course, or just get back to a place where you feel life is manageable and in a good direction.

The foundation to a healthy life is a healthy body and a healthy mind. We can help you start feeling better in both body and spirit. We offer individual mental health counseling as well as weight management. Let us help you regain a healthy state of mind and body.

Sometimes we just need another person to help us clarify goals and keep us on track as we strive toward these goals. Transition times can be difficult; divorce, death of a loved one, or losing a job can be times when we need help. Seeing a Therapist or counselor puts priorities back in order. We help reclaim motivation to do what we really desire, find hope and help define our purpose and what we find most meaningful in life.

Help With:

- Regaining Optimal Health
- Reducing Stress
- Managing Depression
- Reducing Anxiety
- Managing Chronic Pain
- Stopping Alcohol Abuse
- Stopping Drug Abuse
- Parenting Improvement
- Managing Anger
- Improving Mood
- Managing Nutrition Choices
- Dealing with Eating Issues
- Improving Relationships
- Healing From Grief
- Quitting Smoking
- Coping With Life Changes
- Coping with Medical Problems